Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Cementious Manhole Lining

Experienced using a number of different cement products including standard cements and calcium aluminates.

Epoxy Manhole Lining

Our epoxy truck has a 200 foot hose allowing us to reach many off road locations.

Unique Infrastructure Rehabilitation

We specialize in the unique and challenging  asset rehabilitation including vaults, clarifiers, chambers and large pipes.


Provide grouting services to prevent infiltration and inflow in sanitary systems and soil grouting to stabilize landmass.

Manhole Top Rebuild

Rebuilding manhole chimneys with new rings and sealants is an effective way to eliminate I&I and protect manhole structures.  We are experienced installing new cement and plastic rings.

Manhole Chimney Seal Replacement

Chimney seals whether painted on or mechanical gaskets are a cost effective means to deter I&I.